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Good days!

17 Dec

Family with FLOTUS & POTUS @ Christmas

Salad Olivier,Rozina’s Persian Kitchen

17 Dec

Salad Olivier is a kind of potato salad, so much popular in Iran. I do not think you can find someone dislikes this dish in Iran. It’s a dish for 4 seasons. It is great side dish. Salad Olivier is a traditional Russian salad but as I mentioned above is very popular in Iran. […]

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Pan fried minced kebab — Rozina’s Persian Kitchen

17 Dec

Kebabs are Persian favourite. They are cooked on a grill, on a skewer over a fire or baked in frying pan and all of the are delicious. Here is very easy peasy way to prepare your lovely pan fried kebab. Pan fried minced kebab Ingredients 200g minced beef or lamb 2 large tomatoes, grated 1 […]

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